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    SAM Curious Cars Kit

    Build and program your own cars and games with the fun SAM Curious Cars Kit, a great set to introduce children to the world of coding, programming and engineering. Using the Curious building blocks and the SAM Space app, you’ll be stretching your imagination to build and program your own cars…

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    Pop-Up, Pull-Out Human Body

    This hardback Pop-Up, Pull-Out Human Body book is full to the brim with colourful illustrations and exciting pull-out pages which allow your child to dive further and further into their discovery of the most amazing living organism - humans! Packed with fun facts for kids, The Pop-up, Pull-out Human…

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    Goodnight Spaceman Book with CD

    Inspired by ESA astronaut Tim Peake and his sons and featuring an introduction from the astronaut himself, the Goodnight Spaceman Book with CD is the perfect bedtime book, and the first bedtime story ever to be recorded in space! The book tells the story of two space-mad little boys getting ready…

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    Maisy's Moon Landing

    The delightful pop-up Maisy's Moon Landing book follows her on her journey into space and back home with fun, colourful tabs to push and pull to bring her story to life. Children aged 2+ will love the interactive nature of this great little book. - Hardback - 16 pages - Author: Lucy Cousins - Measures…

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    Space Snap

    This Space Snap set is an out-of this world card game guaranteed to keep young space enthusiasts amused. There are 52 snap cards (13 matching sets of 4), with labelled pictures of planets, asteroids, the Hubble telescope, a satellite, a rocket and lots more. The classic snap game can be played with…

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    My Busy Computer Book

    My Busy Computer Book is filled to the brim with fun, interactive novelty devices, including flaps, a wheel and sliders to teach young children the key early learning concepts of colours, shapes, numbers and opposites. This busy learning book is shaped like an adult's laptop with a handy carry-handle.…

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    Pinball Science

    From Isaac Newton's laws of motion to types of energy and forces, the Pinball Science book explains everything you need to know about how your pinball machine works, helps you build your own and includes awesome experiments to do at home. Follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble the 88-piece…

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    Astronomy Starter Pack

    Introduce anyone with an interest in space to the fascinating hobby of astronomy with this new edition of Philip's Astronomy Starter Pack, suitable for use in the Northern Hemisphere. The Astronomy Starter Pack contains a glow-in-the-dark planisphere, an 80-page paperback book about the stars and planets…

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    Micro Quad V2

    Take to the skies with the miniature Micro Quad V2 quadcopter drone featuring a 6-axis gyro system, 4 channels, LED lights, shockproof function and multiple flight modes. The remote control drone has a 3 stage sensitivity setting for easy control and a control distance of approximately 30-50m. The…

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    Alpha 1S Robot

    Perfect for beginners and advanced users, program this Alpha 1S Robot to follow your every command and watch it dance, play music, perform yoga or martial arts and much more. With the capability to move up to 180 degrees of rotation, it will be your favourite entertainment companion. Have the freedom…

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    Jimu Explorer Robot Kit

    This Bluetooth app-enabled Jimu Explorer Robot Kit is a great way to get started in building and programming advanced robots. The Jimu Robot is an interactive robotic building blocks system designed to create an engaging and fun STEM Learning experience for children aged 8 years and upwards, expanding…

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    Jimu Inventor Robot Kit

    This Bluetooth app-enabled Jimu Inventor Robot Kit is fantastic for growing your robotic engineering skills by helping you build bigger, more advanced robots. The Jimu Robot is an interactive robotic building blocks system designed to create an engaging and fun STEM Learning experience for children…

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    Zoomy 2.0 Digital Microscope

    The one-touch, handheld Zoomy 2.0 Digital Microscope encourages children to engage in science investigation and inquiry on a microscopic level. Simply move the handheld microscope over whatever you're interested in, tap the button and the digital microscope will capture and send photos and videos directly…

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    Touch Board Starter Kit

    Easily connect your surroundings to the digital world using the Touch Board Starter Kit then use it to change your environment by turning surfaces, objects or spaces into sensors, with no programming knowledge required. If youÕve ever thought about making a poster play your favourite song, giving objects…

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    Quadcopter with Camera

    Get ready for hours of fun with this Quadcopter with Camera, a mini drone which can recordÊvideosÊandÊtakeÊphotos whilst flying through the air. The little quadcopter drone features a 0.3MP built-in camera and a 4 channel gyroscope and comes with a 2GB MicroSD card, memory card reader, USB charging…

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    Battle Drones Set

    With the drones' built-in 6 axis gyroscope in this Battle Drones Set, you can perform all sorts of cool manoeuvres and 360¡ flips. The set includes two 4-channel remote control battle drones so pick your opponent carefully then fire blast them 4 times to win the battle. The drones both have built-in…

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    Junk Yard Drummer Robot Kit

    Turn everyday rubbish into your very own drum set with the Junk Yard Drummer Robot Kit. Simply build your own robot with the kit provided, add some bits and pieces from around the house for your robot to drum on (we found that hollow things work best), and turn him on to create his own beats using his…

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    Robot Engineer Kit

    Follow the story included and build ten simple, non-motorized models of the robots you read about during the characters' adventure to an automated candy factory. Large, colorful plastic building pieces make it easy for small hands to put the models together, developing fine motor skills, science and…

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    Robotics Smart Machines Kit

    This Robotics Smart Machines Kit gives children a simple, fun and customizable introduction to robotics that lets them build eight motorized machines controlled by programs and an ultrasound sensor. Kids code the programs using an easy, visual programming app on a tablet or smartphone, which connects…

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    Rubbish Cart Robot Kit

    Use the Rubbish Cart Robot Kit to build and motorise a sweet little rubbish bin that can walk across your desk top, floor and wherever you like. Once you build your robot and turn it on, its lid will open and close while moving so he'll always be on hand to eat up your trash when you need him. The Rubbish…

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    Tincan Edge Robot Kit

    Recycle a used drinks can to build this fun, edge-detecting Tincan Edge Robot Kit. Simply build your own robot using the kit, turn it on the watch it roam all over your table without ever falling off.The Tincan Edge robot measures 16cm x 8.5cm when constructed and requires 1 x AAA battery (not included).