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    Fingerlings Baby Monkey Robot

    Friendship at your fingertips! Fingerlings Baby Monkey Robots love to grab onto things…especially your fingers! These interactive pets respond to sound, motion & touch and let you know when they like what you are doing. Right side up or upside-down, they love to monkey-around! Pet them…

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    Dragster Paper Car Kit

    Paper made fun! Create your own battery-powered paper cars with the Dragster Kit. With three designs to choose from you are sure to be in for some turbo-charged fun! provided in this kit is 1 motor for use with three designs of paper cars. Dragster Paper cars Kit includes: 1 x motor 2 x…

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    Polydron Midi Tub

    Experiment with this great starter set. The Polydron Midi Tub builds over 40 models - which means endless fun! It is a versatile well designed medium set, containing Polydrons and Frameworks. The Polydron Midi Tub includes: 12 x Frameworks Right Angle Triangles 13 x Frameworks Squares 24…

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    Einstein Puzzle Cubes

    E= mc2. One famous equation. Five symbols. Countless implications. Einstein’s equation for mass-energy equivalence altered the way we think about energy and has provided endless technological advances. Arrange the cubes so that each of the four sides show all of the five symbols that make up…

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    Einstein's House Riddle Puzzle

    The ultimate problem-solver and a lover of brainteasers, it has been suggested that Einstein might have written this classic riddle himself. It’s a fun but perplexing test of deductive reasoning. The aim is to use the fifteen clues to arrange the pieces of the wooden houses in the right place…

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    Human Body Game Cube

    Did you know that it takes 40 muscles to frown, but only 15 to smile? Little fingers and curious minds will be in awe of the ZooBooKoo Human Body Cube Book as they learn facts and figures about the human body. With each turn you will learn more and more about the human body, covering all major body…

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    Multiplication Tables Game Cube

    Who said learning your times tables was tricky?! Little fingers and curious minds will be in awe of the ZooBooKoo Multiplication Tables Cube as they follow the arrows, turning the cube in all directions. With each turn you will reveal times tables from 1 to 12 along with numbers 1 to 12 written in…

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    Solar System Game Cube

    Little fingers and curious minds will be in awe of the ZooBooKoo Planets Cube Book as they follow the arrows, turning the cube in all directions. With each turn youngsters will learn more and more about Earth and the Planets surrounding us, with fun facts on each! With a tactile and fun design children…

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    Children's NASA Rocket Scientist T-Shirt

    This ultra cool 100% Cotton Black NASA T-Shirt features a print of a Rocket Scientist. For ages 1+, this t-shirt will make you feel part of the NASA space crew! Care Instructions: Wash Separately, Dry Flat, Pull into shape when wet, do not tumble dry, do not iron motif. Sizing: 1-2 Years: W30 x L45cm3-4…

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    Pop 'Emz Game

    Pop and stick, design and decorate, then do it all over again with this reusable suction craft art set. Making art with hundreds of colourful suction cups. These mini hexagons nest like little pixels for gapless art projects on any non-porous surface. Stick them to windows like stained glass, decorate…

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    Picnic on the Moon Blanket

    Get away for an hour or two with a Picnic On The Moon! An out of this world picnic mat that's sure to give you a great day out. The Picnic on the Moon Blanket measures 140x140cm (51x51") and has a waterproof backing. Wipe clean only.

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    Infinity Mirror Light

    Make a feature in your room with the Infinity Mirror Light! When switched off this ingenious light doubles up as a mirror. The light has 3 modes; colour mode, music reactive and colour phasing! Have it sat on a desk or wall-mounted, this brilliant light can be used to brighten up any room! The light…

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    Polychrome Light Bulb

    Add some colour to your room with this one of a kind Polychrome Light. A stylishly innovative lightbulb design light to create imaginatively colourful LED lighting displays, the Polychrome Light is a moodlight to add joy and wonder to any room. Made from transparent lightbulb shaped plastic fins on…

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    Rose Gold Round Galaxy Light

    Light up your room with the Galaxy Light! The Galaxy Light is an intricately painted glass lamp that emits warm light and a multi faceted colour. The Galaxy Light is made from glass and metal. For indoor use only. The Galaxy Light measures W15 x H17.5cm. Bulb required for the Galaxy Light is an…

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    Apollo 10 Keyring

    Exclusive to the Science Museum Group. Add a little science to your set of keys with the Apollo 10 Keyring! The Apollo 10 Keyring features a 2D engraved fob with a hinged door and epoxy insert, while magnets hold the door shut. The keyring features a Metal Science Museum Charm on Keychain. This is not…

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    Labcoat Bear Keyring

    Exclusive to the Science Museum Group. A fantastic souvenir from the Science Museum; the Labcoat Bear Keyring. Feel part of the laboratory with your very own plush teddy bear wearing a white Science Museum lab coat! This item is not suitable for children under 36 months of age. The Labcoat…

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    The Nebula of NES Games Poster

    From 1984 to 1993, over 700 games were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and they're all represented here in an out-of-this-world chart. Starting from the middle and spiralling out, this star system of NES history tracks every game broken down by release date and genre, with over…

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    Mini Karaoke Microphone

      Plug in Karaoke Microphone for a smartphone, laptop or desktop. Simply plug the microphone into your device, download the app and sing your heart out! Please note: the playback while singing function is only available on iOS systems. The microphone measures  5.1 x…

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    Retro TV Smartphone Magnifier

    A brilliant retro-styled cardboard TV for your smartphone! This little gadget magnifies your phone screen two times so that you can watch your content on an 8" screen. Made from cardboard and acrylic.

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    Astronaut Bear

    Exclusive to the Science Museum Group. Take home a little bit of space with our cute and cuddly Astronaut Bear! Astronaut Bear would make the perfect gift for any space enthusiast. Wearing a branded Science Museum spacesuit, Astronaut Bear is one of a kind! Astronaut Bear's spacesuit is made…

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    Twiddle Cube

    An unusually addictive, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. All 6 sides provide a different fidgeting gadget for you to play with including a click, glide, flip, roll, spin and breathe panel. Now you can fiddle, twiddle, fidget and play with these super lightweight cubes until your hearts…