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    Science Museum Only in England (Exhibition catalogue)

    *Last remaining copies left* Only in England is the corresponding catalogue of Tony Ray-Jones works to tie in with the Science Museum and National Media Museum exhibition of the same name. Renowned for his non-conformity, Ray-Jones' photographs illustrate the absurdities and eccentricities…

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    Worlds Smallest Walkie Talkies

    Small but mighty: the World's Smallest Walkie-Talkies. With flexible antennas and tiny, robust handsets, they're so pocket-portable you'll find yourself taking them everywhere. These aren’t just walkie talkies for kids, grown ups will love them too. They have an incredible…

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    Voice Transformer Large

    Who do you want to be today? Speak into this voice transformer and come out with the weirdest sounds. Select from a variety of amusing mechanoid and Dalek type effects. 10 voice changing effects with 6 super bright LEDs flashing as you speak.

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    IR Cyber Flyer

    The IR Cyber Flyer is out there... Budding aviators and Dr. Who fans alike will love this tiny little remote controlled Cyber Flyer. Elastic enough to bounce easily and safely off the walls, this is a remote control spaceship with a difference; it doesn't so much fly as hover. Light enough to…

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    3D Doodle Kit

    Using the same principles as those 3D movies, the brain is tricked into creating an illusion of depth in your 2D scribblings. A fun and educational novelty for all ages.

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    Astro Projector Torch

    This brilliant torch projects stars, planets or spacecraft onto walls, ceilings and more. Just clip on one of the two interchangable domes and switch the torch on to project fun images. What's more, the torch glows in the dark so you won't lose it even when it's turned off.

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    Blink Time Mini Watch

    Keep track of time in the coolest way possible with the Blink Time Mini Watch! This slim, 100% silicone watch looks like a groovy bracelet at first, but press the face and a digital time display appears, illuminating through the surface. This light-up time piece is perfect if you're out at a…

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    Bottle Light

    So much fun for a picnic, barbecue or for bringing a hint of the outdoors in, the rechargeable Bottle Light is an easy way to transform your bottles into lamps! Handy when going camping or pretty in some vintage glass bottles. Shaped like a cork with a super bright LED that recharges via…

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    Bubble Rocket

    Press down hard on the foot pad and the Bubble Rocket is propelled into the air leaving a beautiful trail of bubbles in its wake. The launcher has an integrated bubble mixture tray, and the rocket's tail consists of hoops which create a profusion of bubbles when launched.

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    Computers and Coding - Lift the Flap

    Learn what goes on inside computers and what makes them do what they do with the Computers and Coding - Lift the Flap book, a fun and interactive introduction to information and communication technology. With lots of flaps to lift and look beneath, fact-hungry children will devour the fascinating…

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    Day and Night Mug

    Watch the world turn from night to day with the heat-sensitive Day and Night Mug while having your morning brew; the heat of the drink allows the detailed satellite imagery to appear as the cup warms up. Just add hot liquid to activate the transformation and, when the hot drink warms the mug, the…

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    Goodnight Spaceman Book with CD

    Inspired by ESA astronaut Tim Peake and his sons and featuring an introduction from the astronaut himself, the Goodnight Spaceman Book with CD is the perfect bedtime book, and the first bedtime story ever to be recorded in space! The book tells the story of two space-mad little boys getting ready…

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    How Does Science Work?: Light

    Find out where light comes from, how we use our eyes to see, and how light travels with this How Does Science Work?: Light book. Learn about reflections, lenses and how rainbows are made. - Paperback - 32 pages - Author: Carol Ballard - Measures 19.6 cm x 27.1 cm x 0.6 cm - Recommended for…

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    Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

    Whether you're an adrenaline junkie on a rollercoaster or an explorer looking for an adventure, you can have hours of fun with Immerse Virtual Reality Headset from the saftey of your living room. With 360 degree content and a screen view that will adapt with your head movements, you will get…

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    Light Stax

    The Light Stax contains 12 colourful light-up blocks that you can arrange however you'd like to create a fun, unique lamp. The little blocks light up once connected to another piece, with the power coming from the black base. Use as a fun light, art piece or night light, there are 3 settings…

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    Motorized Solar System

    Illuminate the secrets of the sky with this revolving Motorized Solar System and Planetarium. Use the longtitude markings on the base to position the planets according to a specific date, or watch as the motor rotates the planets around the Sun.  Switch off the lights for a mesmerising…

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    Primary Science Colour Mixing Glasses

    These fantastic, child-size, Primary Science Colour Mixing Glasses guarantee colour-mixing fun. Engage young scientists with bright colours and chunky pieces and encourage early learners to explore primary and secondary colours by mixing the plastic lenses up to view the world in different…

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    Prism Discovery Kit

    Divide light into colour instantly with this Prism Discovery Kit. The high-quality plastic 10 cm optical prism divides white light into a colourful spectrum, great for children learning about light or for adults who want a happy addition to their desks. Have a look through the Activity Guide…

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    Retro TV Smartphone Magnifier

    A brilliant retro-styled cardboard TV for your smartphone! This little gadget magnifies your phone screen two times so that you can watch your content on an 8" screen. Made from cardboard and acrylic.

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    Science Lab Smartphone Kit

    Turn your phone or tablet into a portable science lab with the Science Lab Smartphone Kit. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you're carrying a computer, camera, video recorder, music player, internet browser, game player, movie theatre and navigation tool - just add the attachments from the kit…