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    Space Slide Projector

    Create a mysterious space at home! Simply slide the plastic template into the projector and project the light on the wall and ceiling at night. You can enjoy a wonderful view of the outerspace. The projection can appear in a 2-metre distance or more. The Space Slide Projector is 13cm in length when…

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    Earth and Constellation Globe

    Why buy two globes when you can buy this unique dual functioning globe. The Earth and Constellation Globe has a day-time and night- time view and is in fact two globes in one! In the daylight the 22.8cm diameter globe shows political boundaries, oceans, equator, longitude and latitude lines, country…

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    Rocket Projector Room Guard

    Turn on your rocket – 3, 2, 1 and launch the amazing Rocket Projector and Room Guard. Complete with a table-top or wall mounted launch pad, the 35cm tall model rocket will bring the excitement of space travel into your bedroom. It has 24 space-themed colour images of planets, astronauts and…

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    Kaleidoscope Light Kit

    Create spectacular displays of colour with this amazing light kaleidoscope. The patterns are not just beautiful they demonstrate the fascinating science of primary colours. Approximately 10cm when assembled. The kit includes: Base x 1 (11cm) battery compartment cover x 1 1 xbase…

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    Fingerlings Baby Monkey Robot

    Friendship at your fingertips! Fingerlings Baby Monkey Robots love to grab onto things…especially your fingers! These interactive pets respond to sound, motion & touch and let you know when they like what you are doing. Right side up or upside-down, they love to monkey-around! Pet them…

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    Albert Einstein's Letter Block Puzzle

    Named as Time magazine’s “Person of the Century” in 1999, Albert Einstein is a name that is instantly recognised. These blocks spell out his famous name, but can you use them to complete the baffling set of twelve challenges that this puzzle poses? Start with the opening challenges…

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    Albert Einstein's Puzzle Cubes

    E= mc2. One famous equation. Five symbols. Countless implications. Einstein’s equation for mass-energy equivalence altered the way we think about energy and has provided endless technological advances. Arrange the cubes so that each of the four sides show all of the five symbols that make up…

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    Solar System Game Cube

    Little fingers and curious minds will be in awe of the ZooBooKoo Planets Cube Book as they follow the arrows, turning the cube in all directions. With each turn youngsters will learn more and more about Earth and the Planets surrounding us, with fun facts on each! With a tactile and fun design children…

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    Pop 'Emz Game

    Pop and stick, design and decorate, then do it all over again with this reusable suction craft art set. Making art with hundreds of colourful suction cups. These mini hexagons nest like little pixels for gapless art projects on any non-porous surface. Stick them to windows like stained glass, decorate…

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    Picnic on the Moon Blanket

    Get away for an hour or two with a Picnic On The Moon! An out of this world picnic mat that's sure to give you a great day out. The Picnic on the Moon Blanket measures 140x140cm (51x51") and has a waterproof backing. Wipe clean only.

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    Infinity Mirror Light

    Make a feature in your room with the Infinity Mirror Light! When switched off this ingenious light doubles up as a mirror. The light has 3 modes; colour mode, music reactive and colour phasing! Have it sat on a desk or wall-mounted, this brilliant light can be used to brighten up any room! The light…

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    Polychrome Light Bulb

    Add some colour to your room with this one of a kind Polychrome Light. A stylishly innovative lightbulb design light to create imaginatively colourful LED lighting displays, the Polychrome Light is a moodlight to add joy and wonder to any room. Made from transparent lightbulb shaped plastic fins on…

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    Rose Gold Round Galaxy Light

    Light up your room with the Galaxy Light! The Galaxy Light is an intricately painted glass lamp that emits warm light and a multi faceted colour. The Galaxy Light is made from glass and metal. For indoor use only. The Galaxy Light measures W15 x H17.5cm. Bulb required for the Galaxy Light is an…

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    The Evolution of Video Game Controllers Poster

    The perfect gift for the video game enthusiast; The Evolution of Video Game Controllers Poster. This poster features the complete family tree of video game control schemes - including handhelds, joysticks, paddles, gamepads, and one notable glove. This chart shows how gaming input has evolved from…

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    Retro TV Smartphone Magnifier

    A brilliant retro-styled cardboard TV for your smartphone! This little gadget magnifies your phone screen two times so that you can watch your content on an 8" screen. Made from cardboard and acrylic.

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    Astronaut Bear

    Exclusive to the Science Museum Group. Take home a little bit of space with our cute and cuddly Astronaut Bear! Astronaut Bear would make the perfect gift for any space enthusiast. Wearing a branded Science Museum spacesuit, Astronaut Bear is one of a kind! Astronaut Bear's spacesuit is made…

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    Wireless Rainbow Speaker

    Wireless Rainbow Speaker with LED Lightshow. Light up your room with five different themed lightshows with the Rainbow Speaker; Club, Rainbow, Equalize, Meteor and Groove. Club and Equalize only display light when playing; they will move in sync with the music! The Rainbow Speaker comes with: 1…

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    Einstein Pen

    Jot down all of your genius theories with our Einstein Pen. This writing utensil is sure to give you the inspiration you need while brainstorming your next big idea.The Einstein Pen measures 2.8 x 1.8 x 15.2 cm

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    Robots Print

    Add this great Robots Print to your wall, designed by Barcelona-based illustrator Federico Babina to create beautiful illustrations which pay homage to science fiction and our ever-growing fascination with the idea of space exploration. From Marvin The Paranoid Robot and Mazinger Z to R2-D2 and Blade…

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    Counting Robot Money Box

    Keep track of your savings with a little help from your very own Counting Robot Money Box. This sweet, vintage style tin robot is the perfect little helper ready and willing to look after your change until it really starts to add up, making it easier than ever to reach your saving goals. Simply feed…

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    Robots Wall Stickers

    Let your imagination go wild with these fun, reusable Robots Wall Stickers, designed to liven up any room in the house. These reusable wall stickers are repositionable meaning no creative decision is final. Play, decorate and make your own robot friends with this pack of 100 pieces.