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The incredible Chem C3000 kit is the ultimate chemistry set. Containing all the experiments from CHEM C1000 and C2000, plus even more advanced material, it covers every chemistry essential.

The 360 experiments carried out with professional-grade equipment include chromatography, fuel and combustion, making your own hydrochloric acid and so much more. You'll become familiar with chemical equations, atomic structures and the periodic table, essential for the advanced study of chemistry, while producing electricity in a test tube and extracting oxygen from hydrogen peroxide. Inspirational for future scientists.

Set includes:

176-page Experiment Manual 

Eight Test Tubes
Two Pipettes
Screw-top Jar
Test Tube Rack
Two Measuring Cups
Two Cup Lids
Measuring Spoon
Test Tube Brush
Carbon Rod
Plastic Basin
Safety Lid Opener
Four Wires
Copper Wire
2 Bags of Magnesium Strips
Protective Safety Glasses
Battery Connector
Light Bulb (3.8 V)
Rubber Stopper
Two Cork Stoppers
2 Pointed Glass Tubes
2 Angled Glass Tubes
Filter Paper
Two Plastic Bottles with Caps
Plastic Funnel
Alcohol Burner Base
Burner Cap
Wick Holder
Aluminum Disk
Wooden Test Tube Holder
Litmus Paper, Blue
Filter Paper
Straight Glass Tube
Heating Rod
Graduated cylinder
Plastic syringe
Lab stand clamp
Three lab stand legs
Erlenmeyer flask
Iron wire
Two pieces of rubber tubing
Tripod stand platform
Lab stand base
Plastic straw for syringe
Bag of small parts
Rubber stopper with one hole
Rubber stopper with two holes
Lab stand rod
Acute angled glass pipe
Two screw-top lids
Plastic bottle, red (for hydrochloric acid)
Plastic bottle, blue (for sodium hydroxide)
Filter paper
Wire mesh
Evaporation dish
Small bottle for silver nitrate solution
Sodium Bisulfate
Sodium Carbonate
Potassium Hexacyanoferrate(II)
Ammonium Iron(III) Sulfate
Ammonium Chloride
Copper(II) Sulfate
Litmus Power
Calcium Hydroxide
Sodium Bicarbonate
Tartaric Acid
Luminol Preparation
Potassium Hexacyanoferrate(III)
Calcium Sulfate
Iron Filings (Iron Powder)
Potassium Permanganate Preparation
Activated charcoal
Ammonium carbonate
Potassium iodide
Potassium bromide
Potassium permanganate
Sodium thiosulfate
Zinc powder

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