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Science-themed pocket money toys for kids.

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    Planes Perception Puzzle

    This great fluorescent Planes Perception Puzzle may look easy but we guarantee it's not. Take the pieces of the pizzle apart and try putting them back together - because there's no pattern on the pieces, the challenge is trickier than it first looks.The puzzle measures 12.7 x 0.8 x 18.2 cm when completed.

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    Primary Science Colour Mixing Glasses

    These fantastic, child-size, Primary Science Colour Mixing Glasses guarantee colour-mixing fun. Engage young scientists with bright colours and chunky pieces and encourage early learners to explore primary and secondary colours by mixing the plastic lenses up to view the world in different colours.…

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    Connector Robot

    Learn about electricity with this fun Connector Robot - when a closed path is made by touching both of the robot's arms, an electric circuit is completed and lights and sounds are emmited. Either hold his arms yourself or form a circle of friends to complete the circuit. The Connector Robot is a safe…

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    Pesky Parrots Perpetual Puzzle

    Test your logic skills with this fun Pesky Parrots Perpetual Puzzle game by artist Makoto Nakamura. The goal is to interlock the 36 parrot pieces into varying puzzle shapes and sizes, see whether you can do it without using the instructions.The Pesky Parrots Perpetual Puzzle game is recommended for…

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    Light Changing Putty

    This amazing UV-sensitive Light Changing Putty comes with a UV torch so you can write or draw images on it which will then fade to nothing, allowing you to start all over again. This product supports learning about the properties and changes of materials, part of the National Curriculum for Science…

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    Star Lamp Projector

    This Star Lamp Projector is a great light for any bedroom, projecting thousands of stars onto walls and ceilings. A fun way to support learning about the Earth and space, part of the National Curriculum for Science at Key Stages 1 and 2.The Star Lamp Projector requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

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    Prism Discovery Kit

    Divide light into colour instantly with this Prism Discovery Kit. The high-quality plastic 10 cm optical prism divides white light into a colourful spectrum, great for children learning about light or for adults who want a happy addition to their desks. Have a look through the Activity Guide included…

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    Sonic Booma Boomerang

    The whistling version of the world’s best returning boomerang, Sonic Booma Boomerang, mesmerises passers-by as it whizzes through the air - great for games in the park or at picnics and fun for all ages. The Sonic Booma Boomerang measures 27.5 cm wide and is recommended for ages 8 and above.Please…

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    Wooden Stacking Robots

    The Wooden Stacking Robots is a colourful stacking game that lets you create a number of remarkable and interesting shapes. This set of nine wooden robots are specially designed to stack in several different ways, allowing them to form a wide variety of formations. It's a fun and engaging way…

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    Amazing Gyroscope Kit

    Use the Amazing Gyroscope Kit to experiment with a spinning top and a gyroscope to learn about the physics of motion, forces, and gravity. Make the gyroscope balance on a tabletop and on a string.

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    Molecule Madness Kit

    Make wobbly gelatin beads by dripping sodium alginate into a solution containing calcium ions with the Molecule Madness Kit. Learn how massive chains of polymers make these fun squishy orbs possible. Suitable for children aged 7+

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    Volcano Making Kit

    Learn how to make your very own volcano and watch it erupt with bubbly fizzy lava with this great Volcano Making Kit. This great science set shows you how to make the volcano with the plaster and mould provided, paint in the lava flow and landscape your volcano and then make the volcano erupt using…

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    SkyDrive Paper Planes

    The fabulous SkyDrive Paper Planes kit contains paper and instructions to make six planes (two each of three different styles). Attach the propellor, power it up for a few seconds with an AA battery and fly it! Watch the planes soar for 60 to 100 metres. The kit includes: - 6 x paper plane…

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    Kanoodle Genius Game

    Improve critical thinking skills and spatial reasoning by solving 2D and 3D puzzles by arranging game pieces in the Kanoodle Genius Game. Featuring 202 brain boosting puzzles players simply pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge and then place the remaining plastic game pieces to solve the…

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    World's Smallest Voice Changer

    Modify your voice for fun effect with the World's Smallest Voice Changer. This little gadget distorts and amplifies anything that is said in four differing sounding voices. The World's Smallest Voice Changer measures 5.1 cm x 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm and the battery is included. A colour will be selected for…

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    Detective Science: Fingerprints Kit

    Encourage kids to develop their critical thinking skills with the Detective Science: Fingerprints Kit. Learn how detectives identify suspects and record important clues found at a crime scene. Record, collect and identify fingerprints with ink and super dusting powder. The kit includes a small case…

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    Spy Science: Secret Messages Kit

    Kids will have hours of fun playing spies with the Spy Science: Secret Messages Kit. Send Morse code messages with a mini Morse code shutter torch, create and discover secret messages with special tools, build a 20 page super spy journal and more. The perfect gift for budding sleuths. 1 x CR123A…

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    Blink Stepz Shoe Lights

    Put your best foot forward with the light-up Blink Stepz Shoe Lights. These lights attach onto your shoe laces and flash on and off as you move, using motion sensor technology. Light up any disco or party, or use them as safety precautions when walking or cycling at night. Either way, people will certainly…

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    Secret Message Writing Set

    Send secret messages to your friend with the Secret Message Writing Set, containing two pens which write in invisible ink. Shine the black light located in the pen cap and your message will magically appear. Batteries included. A great gift for budding spies!

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    Super Magnetics Putty

    Have fun with the Super Magnetics Putty and its mind-blowing magnetic properties! When Super Magnetics Putty is stretched, molded, or shaped, the putty has no magnetic charge and behaves like any other putty. However, in the presence of a magnetic field, its magnetic forces begin to align.…

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    Blink Time Mini Watch

    Keep track of time in the coolest way possible with the Blink Time Mini Watch! This slim, 100% silicone watch looks like a groovy bracelet at first, but press the face and a digital time display appears, illuminating through the surface. This light-up time piece is perfect if you're out at a party…